Eric Adcock


As one of Louisiana’s most rockin’ piano pounders, you can count on  ERIC ADCOCK to put on a great show. Raised in Lafayette, and  calling Abbeville, LA home, he credits great blues and boogie-woogie  pianists Professor Longhair, Dr. John and Jerry Lee Lewis as sources  of inspiration. Adcock began playing the piano at age five and began  formal lessons at five-and-a-half.

Before he’d turned the ripe old age of six,  however, he was kicked out of piano lessons for showing the other kids the  boogie-woogie chops he’d learned on his own! Passionate about every  note he cranks out, Adcock gives it all he’s got when he’s behind his  instrument. He’s also known to make a Hammond B-3 organ scream. He  cites influences from Jimmy Smith to Stanley “Buckwheat” Dural Jr.  Adcock is also an accomplished songwriter and is often at his piano  working on a new groove or searching for that next line of lyric.

Adcock and Romero first teamed up as musical colleagues when they were  teenagers — and their legacy of musical partnership continues today.  Together, they have been writing music and touring internationally for  almost 20 years, and this seems to be just the beginning. Their  influence on each other has been invaluable; Adcock and Romero are the  cornerstones of the band’s foundation. Roddie sums up their creative  connection, saying, ” . . . we are like rice and gravy!”