Chad Viator


The key to Chad Viator’s talent on guitar is knowing just exactly what to play – which is the sign of a tasteful, mature musician who plays with his heart.  He is a New Iberia, LA native and Lafayette resident who has been playing guitar with the HCAS for over 5 years.  He has a diverse ear and the ability to play soulfully regardless of the style of music.  He attacks the HCAS’ original “Louisiana Roots” tunes with Rock ‘n’ Roll prowess and switches gears on Cajun classics to sound like a rockin’ pedal steel player in a 1950’s bayou dancehall.

His guitar licks are tastefully melodic, complementing the groove without arrogantly overstepping the band.  With Chad, it all boils down to taste.  He listens to a broad spectrum of music from Jazz to Zydeco which has influenced his taste as one of Louisiana’s  most talented guitar slingers.  Along with being a dedicated guitar teacher in the Lafayette school system, he’s also the proud poppa of a new baby girl!